Why Student Athlete Scholars?

Founded by coaches and educators with decades of experience, Student Athlete Scholars ("SAS") has quickly become the preeminent merit-based organization for students-athletes.

Our Mission

Student Athlete Scholars has the singular focus of improving college acceptance rates and recruitability by college coaches for our members. The successful outcomes of our student-athlete members are the sole focus of this merit-based society.

Our Commitment

SAS pledges to allocate 25% of funds, up to $25,000,000 (twenty-five million dollars) every year. These funds are exclusively used for member scholarships, grants & aid for current and graduating student-athletes.

Our PITHY Values

SAS has five established tenets that guide our merit society members, as well as help us to fulfill our mission of supporting those student-athletes in their journey toward recruitment and admissions.


The pursuit of success in athletic competition and academics requires a sustained commitment of energy and focus.


Members must act with strong ethical principles. Honesty in skills, capabilities and ambition are essential during sport competition, in academic work, as well as throughout life.


Being a student-athlete requires the ability to collaborate with teammates and classmates as well as receive guidance from coaches and teachers.


As a merit-based society, members have proven the respect and esteem they deserve. We will treat each other with high regard in all our interactions.


The future has much opportunity and our student-athletes desire and crave for making a positive impact both today and beyond.

Do You Qualify?

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