Benefits of Membership

Acceptance into the merit-based society of Student-Athlete Scholars has multiple
privileges. Benefits include:

Scholarship Opportunities

We allocate 25% of funds, up to $25,000,000 (twenty-five million dollars) per year to scholarships for members.

With qualifying collegiate institutions, we provide members a guaranteed minimum scholarship level paid directly by the college and supplemental to any other sources of need you receive.

We provide guaranteed scholarship awards to members as described below.

Build Leadership & Service Skills

SAS provides many opportunities for both members as well the local and regional chapters to participate in programming that enhances individual leadership and collegial teamwork capabilities. Whether it be taking on a leadership role in your local high school’s SAS chapter as a Vice President, or volunteering to teach a sports skill to special needs kids, as a member of Student Athlete Scholars there are many opportunities to help others.

Verified Designation

Members are allowed to display the verified SAS medallion across college applications, social media profiles, and any communication with college coaches and admissions staff. Now that you’ve earned the award, you are fully eligible to use it to support the promotion of your own personal brand.

Additional Member Awards

Acceptance into the merit-based society of Student Athlete Scholars has multiple
privileges. Benefits can include:

Captains Prize

Each high school chapter selects a Student Athlete Scholars Captain, who acts as chapter president. This cash-based award is provided annually for use by that individual toward any collegiate academic expenses.

Athena / Tyr Award

There is an annual cash award provided to the voted top boys and top girls student-athlete in each state.

Team First Trophy

Each chapter can nominate one (1) team from their school where the team atmosphere and culture are positive and supportive of all members. The applying team will submit a short-form response that will be reviewed. The selected team will earn this national award and receive funding toward their program (allowable use is for any team needs determined by the coach).

Four Stars Award

Student-Athletes that participate for their full 4 years of high school receive an additional, small cash award for their service and multi-year contribution.

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