Announcing Student Athlete Scholars International:

European Educational Trip Coming Summer 2024

Members receive a generous discount on International trips. If you are not a member, check your eligibility here. Please note: Only 30 spots are available to members for the trip. Parents may register for the trip as well.


This program offers a unique blend of intellectual exploration, cultural immersion, and exciting adventures, designed to challenge and broaden their perspectives while fostering personal growth and making lifelong memories through carefully curated travel experiences.


Student Athlete Scholars Info

Student Athlete Scholars is a merit society specifically for student-athletes. Our organization provides support to our student-athlete community with their academic goals and athletic success.

Joining the Student Athlete Scholars Program (SAS) can help you get significant scholarships for college. SAS awards over 25% of tuition to scholarships and helps you find other unique opportunities. You'll also get guidance on crafting strong college applications and opportunities to connect with mentors who can share their experience. Highlight your academic achievements and leadership qualities that coaches and college admissions are looking for.

Be recognized as a Student and an Athlete. Join this invitation-only merit society of student-athletes, the Student Athlete Scholars to improve your college acceptance rate & recruitability by college coaches.


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