Open college opportunities as an athlete & a scholar.

Apply for unique scholarships, increase college acceptance rate, and improve recruitment.

Your Goal: Scholarships

Student Athlete Scholars awards over 25% of tuition to member scholarships

Scholarship opportunities grow every year. This year 18% of members received $1,000 to $10,000 each. Next year we’ll be awarding even more!

Find other scholarship opportunities for athletes with a high GPA

It’s easy to miss scholarships or waste time on ones that aren’t a good fit. There’s just so much out there. You’ll benefit from our established network and experience. We find and verify opportunities that are a good fit for your academic and athletic achievements.

Student Athlete Scholars get 118% of what the average scholarship recipient does.

Student Athlete Scholars
get 118% of what the
average scholarship recipient does.

Your Goal:
Get Into Your Top Colleges

You’re a high-achiever, admissions should recognize.


Network with other student athlete scholars. Many have gotten into their top schools with great scholarships. They can tell you what to expect and what it’s like in the process.

Once you’re on your way, help other students behind you. It’s an opportunity to show mentorship and leadership that boosts college admissions.

Application strategies and tips specifically for athletes with strong academics

You’re multi-faceted: learn how to make that shine in college admissions. Get advice from admissions counselors with a background in athletics and academics. What are the must-haves on college applications? How can you balance grades, sports, and admissions applications? (Burnout is real!) When you get acceptance letters how do you pick the right college?

Community-building, service, and leadership

Show your commitment to community service and leadership. Join, lead, or even found a local chapter. (That last one looks great!) Many colleges look for students who demonstrate these characteristics. They are likely to be better students and better alum.

See if there’s a chapter in your area.

College campus

Your Goal: Impress Recruiting Coaches

Looking to take your game to the college level? College coaches want to see that you're more than just a great athlete. They want to see that you're a well-rounded person who's going to contribute to their team in more ways than one.

Joining Student Athlete Scholars shows character

College coaches look for academics, leadership, and service, too! It shows you balance responsibilities and like to learn character-building skills. Service, quick learning, teamwork, and communication are important in sports teams.

You’re not just the “easy” answer…you’re the best answer

Student athletes who are awarded merit scholarships aren’t just taking weight off the team’s athletic scholarship pot (if the team has one!). They are also more likely to boost the team’s average GPA, show more responsibility, and take on leadership roles. These are all things that help the team and the coach.

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Be recognized as a Student and an Athlete. Join this invitation-only merit society of student-athletes, the Student Athlete Scholars to improve your college acceptance rate & recruitability by college coaches.


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